Packaging for marketing

We know packaging as the packaging that protects a product, and it includes from the shipping box of an online store, to the internal protection elements. The design of marketing packaging through the use of corporate boxes allows reinforcing the brand presence, and in many cases, it is an especially important promotional support at the final point of sale.


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    Corporate boxes are packaging that incorporate the graphic signs of a company or brand. Usually the marking is carried out by printing, materials such as cardboard are not only light and recyclable, they also support inks with which we can transfer with absolute fidelity a corporate design, which includes the brand logo, name, address and other elements that identify the company.

    One of the main objectives of carton marking is to identify a brand with respect to the competition, this differentiation translates into more sales and a clearer perception of the brand to the public.

    At LFG Cartonaje, your packaging factory, we offer you a personalized marking service, with which you can have custom-made boxes, printed with the designs that identify your brand.


    Cardboard is a suitable material for the manufacture of corporate boxes, due both to its lightness and the protection guaranteed by this material.

    Cardboard is an adaptable material, it is possible to manufacture cardboard boxes in all kinds of sizes and shapes, and printing on cardboard allows you to add all kinds of images depending on the visual image of the brand.

    In LFG Cartonaje we are specialists in the design and manufacture of corporate boxes, if you need a special cardboard packaging, contact our team and choose the most suitable design for your products.

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    We take care of the printing work, therefore, we assure you the best quality and security of your design.

    One of the main advantages of cardboard packaging is that it is a recyclable material. More and more companies are incorporating environmentally friendly materials in their packaging. Cardboard boxes can be reused if deposited in paper and cardboard containers, thus reducing the ecological footprint of a company.
    Unlike plastic materials, cardboard is reusable, even if it has been printed, at LFG Cartonaje we offer you the possibility of choosing a 100% recyclable material, with which you can reinforce your corporate values.


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    All industry sectors have intense competition, differentiating a brand from the rest of the competition is very important to be really present at the point of sale.

    Packaging is the best method to differentiate a product, having a packaging with a different design will attract the attention of the public, and therefore, it will allow us to reinforce sales.

    Printing allows the brand to be incorporated into the packaging, and we can also opt for other solutions, such as customized designs. Cubic or rectangular boxes are the most common, however, opting for other designs allows us to attract the attention of potential customers and differentiate ourselves in a market that is usually saturated with similar products.

    Another advantage of this type of boxes is that their assembly is very simple and they can be purchased in flat sheets, taking up very little space. When we need an assembled box, we can easily join the sides, to have a suitable packaging for all types of bottles.


    Cardboard packaging also has other advantages such as its weight. The cardboard packaging is very light and protects its contents from shocks and contacts during the distribution process.

    Wholesale cartons are received in stackable sheets, this method reduces the space required to store this type of packaging. The cardboard sheets take up very little space and can be assembled in a few seconds. In the case of retail packaging, it is possible to receive them assembled and ready to incorporate the product.


    At LFG Cartonaje we offer you a wide variety of corporate boxes and marketing packaging, and we do all the printing to ensure the best results.

    If you need boxes with special dimensions or designs, at LFG Cartonaje we offer a custom manufacturing service. If you need marketing packaging and custom boxes for your company, contact LFG Cartonaje, we offer a custom box manufacturing service for companies, with the possibility of including custom printing.