Custom cardboard boxes are the best solution in terms of marketing and visibility.

If you are looking for personalized boxes with the highest quality on the market, do not hesitate to contact a professional service such as the one we provide at LFG Cartonaje.

One of the great strengths of our company is that we advise all those interested in getting personalized boxes so that they can choose those products that best suit their needs in terms of packaging.

Through a fast and quality service, in addition to an individualized treatment, we complete a truly satisfactory personalized cardboard box buying experience.

Personalized cardboard boxes are the best solution in terms of marketing and visibility of a certain brand, as well as the corporate message that it tries to spread.


Offset and digital printing





The personalized boxes that we offer at LFG Cartonaje have a truly advanced degree of customization: in addition to taking care of obtaining the previously agreed design and measurements.

In our facilities, we have the most sophisticated personalized cardboard box printing systems so that whatever you want to reflect on the surfaces, both exterior and interior, the image and message you want to convey: stamping, screen printing, offset, digital, extruded , flexography… there are many printing options available to us, in search of the best results based on the interests of the company that requires our services.

Some of the characteristics that make the personalized boxes in Madrid that we offer stand out from those of the competition are their resistance, their quality, their safety and the commitment of all our professionals to take care of all the details to ensure customer satisfaction.


One of the main functions of our products is as a gift, which is why we have high-quality personalized gift boxes, so that the winners will also value the detail of the packaging that contains that item with which it is intended to leave the another person with their mouths open.


We are specialized in the manufacture and design of personalized boxes for companies, so that they have a large number of these containers to store the most precious objects. All of our personalized Madrid box designs go through a quality verification process to ensure that they fulfill the functions for which they were requested.

The most sought-after characteristics in personalized gift boxes are not only functional, but aesthetic issues are also pursued, with attractive designs that attract the attention of those who are going to use them.


The design of the boxes is not finished with printing on the outer surfaces, but you can also customize the inner layers so that when the recipient opens the box, they can see the design you have chosen for this part.

We have a team of experts in this field, who will advise you on the best options taking into account the needs of your company and the products you offer in it.

Do it to your liking


You can find the best custom box packaging solutions at LFG Cartonaje, a leading firm in the sector, with multiple options to meet and exceed the expectations of those interested in these products: custom lined boxes, packaging boxes, round boxes, cases ecological or self-assembling boxes are just some of the alternatives that we offer in our catalogue.

The personalized boxes for packaging will be manufactured and designed with the agreed measures to protect the objects inside and provide a unique design, thus offering a unique experience to your company’s customers.

We can print the essential information related to your company: contact details, logo, name etc...

We use high-quality raw materials, so that our containers stand out for their properties of resistance, durability, hardness and the high security that they provide to their content.


Through a suitable design and adapted to the needs of the company, the corporate image can be reinforced, thus consolidating its reputation and recognition within the sector. We can print on these boxes the essential information related to your company: contact details, logo, name, etc.

We advise you so that you have the best professional criteria and make the most suitable designs reflect in the personalized gift boxes so that you can achieve the objectives of profitability and prosperity in your business. We also offer you the possibility of applying more sophisticated techniques, such as relief, gold or silver stamping or other possibilities through which to stand out in the market.

The acquisition and loyalty of customers is one of the primary objectives of all those companies that choose to get custom box designs. It must be taken into account that, through this packaging, the brand image can extend beyond the person who receives the gift.

Contact us and we will help you from the first moment to obtain the ideal boxes to achieve everything you want with your company.