Reserve UVI

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At LFG cartonage we bet on printing methods that enable us to achieve the quality results you want for your packaging project.

The design and its finishes are extremely essential factors for you to meet your business objectives, which is why we offer you the UVI reserve, with which you can obtain truly original and striking results.



    LFG Cartonaje’s UVI reserve is a special transparent finish that we apply after laminating the packaging products. This is a special process in which we apply a varnish to provide a glossy raised texture on desired elements within the creative design. In addition, through our method we can combine different types of finishes if you wish, resulting in a combination of glossy and matt laminates.

    Do it to your likingb


    To achieve the professional finish of your packaging with UVI reserve, we apply the layer of glossy varnish after printing and laminating the image or motif on the material you have chosen, be it paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.

    To apply the UVI reserve we bet on two printing methods, offset or screen printing. With the first, we apply a UVI reserve in offset printing in a five-unit machine, four for CMYK inks and an additional one for ultraviolet drying (UVI) that we apply at the same time. For its part, in screen printing we apply the UVI reserve after the ink has dried. Thus, we print the design and let it dry to later apply the varnish.

    Finally, you can also apply the UVI reserve for digital printing, which gives a result very similar to screen printing, being ideal for printing small quantities of any product in your packaging.


    In both cases, you must take into account that in order to print your packaging design with UVI reserve, we will need you to send us an independent layer in which the design of the UVI reserve is found that you want to add to the printing of the base design and specify it with name.

    In addition, you must color the elements that you want to highlight with the glossy varnish with a flat color, such as black or a pantone color. Since it can also be an image, you don’t need to limit yourself to just the paths you can make with the layout tool. What is truly essential is that the element to be highlighted, whatever it is, is specified and colored in a flat color.

    Remember that UVI reserve is a finishing technique that adapts to multiple formats, so you have a wide range of possibilities to create your packaging design.


    If what you want is for the design of your packaging to transcend and stand out from your competitors, the UVI reserve is a great option that will help you meet your goals.

    UVI varnish is a lacquer that hardens very quickly due to the use of ultraviolet light, which is what provides that brilliance on the surface by which different effects of brightness and perspective are achieved. In addition to being a fantastic idea to achieve a spectacular final art in the design of your packaging, it presents another series of advantages that are conferred on your products. Due to their rapid drying and their great resistance to water, they effectively combat dirt and grease that can deteriorate the appearance of the product.

    In the same way that it is applicable in various formats, the UVI reserve is valid to be applied in different dimensions, both in 2D and 3D. 2D UVI reserve is applied as a topcoat to highlight dream details through the shine. While UVI 3D reserve is used rather to create a relief texture that gives volume and depth to the element you want.

    The objective of the UVI reserve is to apply the varnish on the base design to highlight specific areas of the format that we are printing, such as shapes, letters, silhouettes, logos, etc. And, in addition to giving a shiny embossed texture, it provides some protection to the material.

    And, in addition to giving a shiny embossed texture, it provides some protection to the material.

    Do it to your likingb


    At LFG Cartonaje we are specialists in the application of UVI reserve and we usually recommend them in many of our clients’ projects. This is because it is a method that provides distinction in the packaging finishes and provides added value for the end customer.

    Also, do not worry if you need help to create your packaging project, since you have at your disposal the most creative professionals of LFG Cartonaje in terms of design and layout, so that you can make your project a reality with the best reservation solution. UVI.