Displays / Exhibitors

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Cardboard displays and exhibitors are marketing elements that have proven very effective in recent times. It is a very widespread resource as advertising at the point of sale, very effective thanks to the visibility that is achieved with these pieces. By installing displays and cardboard exhibitors in shops, supermarkets, bars or stores, the image of a brand stands out from the others, so it is a method of attracting and retaining customers.


    We are one of the most recognized manufacturers of cardboard displays in the sector, with a great ability to adapt to the needs of each company.

    We currently have the following models of lined cardboard boxes available to our customers, it should be noted that all these models can be made to measure and customized according to the customer’s tastes. Contact us for more information.

    Manufactured in compact cardboard, micro-channel, against gluing, lined, etc…

    – All models can be customized.
    – We manufacture custom products.
    – We have standard base measurements.

    Do it to your liking


    The most effective advertising at points of sale is through the placement of personalized cardboard displays that we make available to those companies that want to diversify their marketing strategy. In our facilities we have the most sophisticated and innovative technologies to obtain the best possible result.

    We offer the greatest facilities for interested companies, we design the quantity that is needed, so that there are always the advertising displays that are really going to be used at the time and in the way that they are needed.


    One of the great strengths of our service is that we offer completely personalized products, with the agreed measurements and formats so that you can convey the desired message to your potential customers.

    Although we have bases with standard dimensions, we listen to your needs and manufacture those structures that best suit your needs.

    We are one of the most recognized manufacturers of displays in the sector, thanks to the experience we have accumulated providing the best packaging solutions to companies that require our quality service.


    Advertising displays are very effective for the business objectives of those who decide to use them.

    Manufacturers of cardboard displays, among which LFG Cartonaje stands out, make suggestive and attractive designs, to get a call to attention to all customers who enter the points of sale where they are installed. Sometimes, advertiser personnel are used to accompany this advertising resource and thus place more emphasis on the brand’s propaganda objectives.

    Another context in which these elements are often used are fairs and congresses in which companies from the same market meet to present their advances, associating themselves with the image of the brand responsible for the products in their catalogue.

    Our displays and exhibitors are made with the best quality raw materials.

    Do it to your liking


    We personalize all our creations so that they adapt perfectly to the interests of the company they advertise.

    Once assembled, the cardboard displays or advertising displays that we manufacture have great stability, in addition to the fact that the designs that we apply on them achieve great clarity thanks to the sophisticated printing techniques that we apply.

    We not only attend to the measurements, but the choice of the material to be used for its manufacture is also the responsibility of the interested company.

    Our displays and exhibitors are made with the best quality raw material that will ensure the greatest resistance and durability of these products wherever they are installed, even if they are frequently handled and moved.


    LFG Cartonaje is one of the leading firms in the packaging sector and one of our great specialties is the production of cardboard advertising displays and personalized cardboard exhibitors, always tailored to the needs of those who request our services. We take care of the design of products that stand out for their style, quality, resistance and attention to detail, as well as ease of assembly and transportation.

    We are the company that obtains the products in the shortest terms, for which you will have these products in the blink of an eye, in a fast, safe and punctual delivery, in the place where you indicate us.

    Therefore, if you are looking for quality exhibitors and displays, do not hesitate to resort to the LFG Cartonaje service, where we provide you with a close and quality service with first-class products that make you stand out and differentiate yourself from the competition. We combine our extensive experience, the best materials and state-of-the-art technology to offer the best items at the most affordable prices.

    We offer the greatest facilities to our clients so that the order process and the decision on the design and dimensions of these products is really simple and fast: by contacting us, we will put at your disposal the most specialized professionals in this work to advise you and access the most appropriate creation to meet and even exceed the expectations you have about these elements.