Wine packaging

Bottle boxes allow you to protect your content during the distribution process, in addition, they are the perfect support to include the company’s corporate image. The cardboard boxes for bottles are very light and protect the glass from blows. At LFG Cartonaje we offer you the largest catalog of boxes for bottles, with personalized designs and different sizes, which adapt to the characteristics of your containers.


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    In Spain, the wine tradition is part of our gastronomy. There are many wineries, especially in areas that have designation of origin such as La Rioja, the regions of Ribera de Duero, Navarra or Jerez, although in general terms, high-quality wines are produced throughout the territory.

    The wine companies in our country have a perfect environment to make all kinds of wines, however, there is very intense competition, due to the large number of companies that are dedicated to the production and distribution of wines. It is important that each winery has a specific image, which allows distinguishing its products from those of the competition.

    At LFG Cartonaje, your packaging factory, we offer you a personalized marking service, with which you can have custom-made boxes, printed with the designs that identify your brand.


    Glass is the best material for storing and transporting liquid products. By using glass bottles, we prevent the aromas from the container from reaching the product, and this material is very resistant. Glass also allows you to check the status of the content, because it is usually translucent. Another advantage of glass containers is that they can be recycled, therefore, it is an ecological and reusable material.

    Bottle boxes not only allow you to transport several bottles at the same time, they also protect the glass from bumps, falls, etc. By using cardboard, we avoid many of the hazards that can occur during the transportation and distribution process.

    This type of packaging is used for all kinds of drinks, from cardboard boxes for beer bottles, to drinks contained in plastic bottles, which should also be protected during distribution.

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    Customizing boxes for bottles is based on adapting the measurements of the box to the content and printing the visual identity of the company on the external faces.

    At LFG Cartonaje we have the largest catalog of sizes for packing boxes, depending on the size of your bottles, you can choose the most suitable box, facilitating its transport. If you need a special measurement for your products, we can manufacture a type of box that is completely adapted to the measurements and shape of your product.

    We take care of the printing work, therefore, we assure you the best quality and security of your design.

    The printing and personalization of corporate boxes is also important. Usually, the boxes only served to protect their content, currently they are part of the visual communication of the company. Through personalized printing, we can transfer the image of your company to its packaging, reflecting your identity from the packaging to the arrival of the product at the point of sale.


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    The boxes with flaps allow to protect the upper part of the container, because they have four faces in the upper and lower areas. The main task of this type of design is to allow immediate opening, without compromising the safety of the container, the flaps can be unfolded to insert or remove the contents, when folded again, a very resistant surface is created that can be reinforced with adhesive tape for greater security.

    The boxes with flaps for bottles are the most used, the reason is that we can manipulate them immediately to access their contents, despite the weight of the glass, the flaps that form the lower part resist the load of the container.

    Another advantage of this type of boxes is that their assembly is very simple and they can be purchased in flat sheets, taking up very little space. When we need an assembled box, we can easily join the sides, to have a suitable packaging for all types of bottles.


    Damage to glass containers occurs mostly during the distribution and transport phase, usually this type of damage has its origin in poor packaging. Not all materials are suitable for products packaged in glass, some guarantee protection against bumps and scratches, but add a lot of weight, other materials are light, but do not really protect the product. Cardboard is the perfect material for the distribution phases, because it protects the product from any contact, also does not allow light to reach the container, neither during transport nor during the storage phase, therefore the content retains all its intact qualities.

    Most of the glass containers are protected by cardboard containers, the reason is that this material is very versatile, durable and adapts to all types of bottles. To these advantages it is important to add that it is a recyclable material, and therefore it can be put to more uses, thus protecting the environment.

    At LFG Cartonaje we offer you the largest selection of cardboard boxes for companies, we not only have a large selection of cardboard boxes, we also offer you a personalized marking and printing system, with which we transfer the corporate image of your company to your packaging. If you are looking for a light and cheap material for your glass bottles, at LFG Cartonaje we offer you the best alternative.