Packaging for sausages

Cardboard is the most suitable material for preserving and transporting sausages. Cardboard boxes for sausages allow the preservation of their contents until the moment the consumer receives the product. At LFG Cartonaje we offer you the opportunity to have boxes for hams and other sausages customized with the measurements and printing you need.


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    One of the advantages of ham over other similar cured meats is that it does not need to be stored at low temperature, and can therefore be transported and preserved in cardboard boxes. The cardboard allows the contents to breathe, which is essential for this type of pork, which must remain protected, but at the same time sufficiently ventilated.

    Another advantage of cardboard boxes for hams is their weight. The weight of the hams varies between 4 and 10 kilos, so you will need a light packaging that does not add weight during transport. Cardboard boxes are perfect in this regard, as they are very light packaging, but at the same time strong enough to protect their contents under any circumstances.

    The sausage must remain completely protected before and during its consumption, the cardboard boxes for hams and sausages are adapted to your measurements, ensuring that the piece is completely packed.


    Once the piece has been dried and cured, it is important to protect it until it reaches the final consumer. It is true that ham has an outer rind that protects the edible inner part; however, there are many external factors that can have an influence if packaging is not carried out correctly, especially during the transport and distribution process.

    From the time the ham leaves the dryer until it reaches its final destination, it must be preserved using materials suitable for its conservation. The usual practice is to wrap the entire piece in a cloth, which allows the skin to continue to breathe but at the same time is completely protected. A cardboard box for hams is added to this first wrapping, which facilitates its transport and also reinforces the preservation process during distribution and the time it remains at the point of sale.

    Do it to your liking


    One of the features that usually incorporate the boxes for hams is a handle in one of the side areas, the reason is that, as we saw earlier, the hams can weigh up to 10 kilos, and therefore their transport can be complicated in certain circumstances, by means of a handle incorporated into the cardboard box itself we can facilitate the handling of the sausage. In LFG Cartonaje we carry out all kinds of custom packaging, if you want some kind of handle or additional grip on your boxes for hams, we can include it.

    We take care of the printing work, therefore, we assure you the best quality and security of your design.


    Another advantage of ham boxes made of cardboard is that the assembly process is very simple. Each box is die-cut to facilitate its assembly, in a few seconds the cardboard takes the right shape to preserve and transport a ham, this process can be done by hand or with an automatic assembly machine, in either case the process is very simple and immediate.


    Do it to your liking


    All companies need a corporate image that is reflected in their packaging and on their products. In the case of high quality products, it is recommended that the packaging should indicate the name of the brand, its visual characteristics, especially its logo, and information about the company.

    In LFG Cartonaje we offer you a customization service to your needs, we carry out the printing you need in each of your boxes for sausages, including both the graphic elements that identify your company, as well as the information related to each product.

    We take care of the printing work, therefore, we assure you the best quality and the certainty that your design will be transferred to the cardboard support with absolute fidelity to the original design.


    At LFG Cartonaje we have all kinds of cardboard designs for sausage and food packaging. Our cardboard boxes adapt to all kinds of sizes and shapes, so you can protect your products safely, both in the distribution process and at the point of sale, in addition, our team is responsible for carrying out the printing work.

    If you are looking for cardboard boxes for hams and other sausages, at LFG Cartonaje we offer you the best service.