Creative packaging is the perfect accompaniment to a product. Among the many advantages it offers, differentiation and added value are the two main benefits of designer packaging. Product packaging allows the consumer to perceive the brand from a very different perspective than usual, we have not only acquired a product, we also do so with added value, based on design and utility.

In L.F.G. Cartonage we also want to differentiate ourselves from other packaging companies, to achieve this we offer you an exclusive catalogue, with all kinds of solutions both in cardboard and paper, all of which are customizable. Packaging manufacturing must be based on customer needs, thanks to the technology we use, we are able to adapt to all types of designs, sizes and shapes.

Lined boxes

Case in ecological materials

Round and oval boxes

Interiors and personalization

Paper bags

Display / Exhibitors

Ecological packaging

Self-assembling boxes

Do it to your liking


Our catalog differs from that of other packaging companies due to the number of solutions it offers, all of them customizable. A great diversity of lined boxes, made with ecological materials, round, self-assembling, packaging and much more. In addition to cardboard boxes for packaging, you can complete the image of your products with other elements such as paper bags, displays or interiors. If you wish, we also have a wide selection of self-assembling boxes.

If you can't find what you're looking for, don't hesitate to contact us.

Consult our catalog and choose the personalized product packaging that your brand needs, we are at your disposal throughout the process, including design and advice.