Offset printing

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At LFG Cartonaje we are experts in Offset printing, which provides important advantages for those companies that aim to offer packaging with a highly professional and quality end result that offers an attractive image for the consumer.



    Offset printing is one of the most popular printing methods and one of the most chosen by our customers. Thanks to this system we can work indirectly, just as we do in a similar way in lithography. The ink is transferred by pressure through the different rollers available. This allows us to make a large number of prints in a very short time and, in fact, the larger the print run, the more production costs are reduced.

    Our offset printing method consists of the indirect printing of the image on the support through rubber rollers. In this way, we apply the ink on the rubber rollers and the metal plates to create the image set you want.

    Said image does not go directly to paper, but goes through a rubber cylinder and then goes to the final support, which can be made of various materials, such as plastic or paper. Due to the great flexibility of this material, we can impregnate the ink on surfaces with irregular textures, guaranteeing a higher quality.

    In addition, we put at your entire disposal our team of professionals in layout and design to advise you on everything you need and thus achieve a creative and quality final result.


    Our offset printing process works through a system of rollers and plates. These are made of aluminum and are monochrome, therefore the image must be processed before the ink is transferred as it can only capture one colour.

    However, this is not inconvenient for printing quality color images, since we can decompose the images with the CMYK system and film each plate with the area to be colored. We have four plates and four CMYK inks that, together with the white of the paper, achieve the great variety of real colors. For metallic or fluorescent pantone colors we have special inks with direct application.

    Once we have the four aluminum plates for each CMYK, we place the machine on a roller, receiving the water on one side and the ink on the other. Thus, we transfer the ink to the rubber in the shape of the image and then transfer it from the rubber to the Apple or to the material of your choice.


    Offset printing is one of the most used due to its characteristics and the important advantages it offers. With this type of printing we can reproduce almost exactly the image we need, being able to use a wide variety of types of paper.

    This is because the product that comes out of the printer goes through several stages until the desired print is obtained. That is, it works by printing bodies which are equal to each other. In this way, a better quality is achieved with respect to direct printing on paper.

    Thanks to offset printing we can offer you multiple printing formats, since this system admits a significant number of sizes and types of paper.


    The truth is that we can consider offset printing as the evolution of lithography. Its operation is quite similar: the plate is dipped in a substance that repels the ink in areas where there is no image and thus the images or motifs to be printed are created.

    The big difference from one system to another is that the offset method transfers the image by surface through a cylinder covered with a flexible material. For its part, traditional lithography does so directly. Depending on one product or another, lithography or offset printing will be more convenient. However, today offset printing is one of the most successful due to its production capacity and high quality.


    If you need to make your packaging project or campaign a reality, at LFG Cartonaje you can opt for one of the best printing alternatives today, the offsite method. Especially if it is about some types of packaging in particular, such as the packaging of refrigerated food, for sausages, dry products, frozen products, containers for vegetables and fruits, sweets or personal hygiene products, among others.

    The possibilities are endless and you can count on our team of professionals to project the most creative design possible. Contact us to make your packaging project a reality with the best offset printing method.