Screen printed boxes

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Screen-printed boxes are one of the most common products in the packaging sector, thanks to their ability to adapt to customer needs.

This is one of the great examples of personalized boxes that individuals and companies can access, with the print quality that only this system can offer and for which it has become one of the favorites for any surface.



    If you wonder what screen-printed boxes are, it is as simple as those containers, generally cardboard, to which the screen-printing technique is applied to personalize them with images, texts and other details that contribute the most to spreading and improving the image. brand to the public.

    This printing method is very versatile and can be applied to any material but, as we have said, cardboard is the best option, taking into account its great properties.

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    Screen-printed cardboard boxes are yet another marketing tool for companies, since they help to enhance the brand image.

    As in these times, users demand an experience that goes beyond the mere purchase of a product or service, packaging is a way of accompanying the customer in all phases of the process. The visual finish, therefore, is key to the products currently offered on the market, including the boxes that contain them.


    Screen printing is one of the most traditional methods for printing details on a specific surface, including cardboard, a material with great benefits for this purpose.

    • The process begins with a pre-print, preparing the screen for screen printing, which incorporates separate colors leading to the creation of a photolith, made of translucent polyester transparency.
    • Once this activity is completed, a screen is prepared that is generated in a wooden or metal frame, which includes a polyester mesh in which a photosensitive emulsion is created on both sides to let it dry.
    • The photolith is placed on the serigraphic screen and passes to the insolator, an element that facilitates the entry of light that, thanks to the water available, achieves a development of the screen and facilitates the generation of a mask through which the ink passes .
    • In this way, the ink will reach the screen and it will be the moment in which the surface to print below is placed so that the desired image or message is created.

    The last phase of this process is based on drying in the screen printing machine, which is vital for fixing the print.


    If this technique is still used today, it is because of the large number of advantages and benefits of screen-printed boxes:

    • Profitable in large print runs: one of the strengths of this technology is its high profitability, especially when large quantities of screen-printed items are ordered. This is due to the fact that nothing more than ink, electricity and labor have to be taken into account, which, in large requests, will mean an almost insignificant item and will translate into a very affordable price for those interested.
    • Printing resistance: the procedure by which what is desired is printed on the surface of the boxes, providing a highly resistant and long-lasting result, especially in the face of considerable external agents such as inclement weather, high temperatures or chemical substances that could affect it. .
    • Greater saturation of colors and ink layer: the ink layer that can be implemented on the surfaces to be worked on has a greater thickness, so it can be printed on other previous prints or dark backgrounds.
    • It is used for different supports: in addition to cardboard, there are many materials on which the screen printing technique can be applied, such as paper, PVC, etc.
    • Possibility of using different types of inks: fluorescent, photoluminescent, varnishes and different textures are some of the most frequent options to apply through the practice of screen printing.

    These are the 5 main advantages of using screen-printed boxes, which is complemented by other more positive alternatives for other circumstances and needs, such as flexography, offset printing, digital printing, gravure or chalcography.

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    At LFG Cartonaje, as box manufacturers, we are committed to high-quality screen-printed products thanks to state-of-the-art machinery and a team of professionals with the necessary qualifications and experience to obtain the best results, exceeding customer expectations.

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