Ecological packaging

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Ecological packaging is one of the signs of commitment to the environment that we can apply to work in this sector. Using sustainable materials that are respectful of the natural environment, we design products with the same quality and resistance as those items designed for the main function of packaging.



    Ecological packaging is a growing trend in recent times, in part, thanks to a firmer commitment on the part of society with the real care of the planet. One of the sectors that can contribute the most to this objective is, without a doubt, packaging, since, traditionally, it has used methods that could have been counterproductive in this regard.

    However, more and more companies in the sector are committing to apply the most efficient measures for ecological packaging work. The path to a better cared for planet goes through the use of ecological materials for packaging that provide the same properties as conventional components.

    In our packaging company, we are committed to ecological boxes to offer our customers a high-quality and completely sustainable product to guarantee a better world, both for us and for future generations.


    Ecological packaging companies like ours are dedicated to providing fully personalized attention in search of the best recycled box solutions, which have the same quality and resistance properties as the new ones, without compromising the stability of the resources they contain. offers us the planet.

    In addition to the product itself, the ecological packaging is also focused as a message to its recipients of commitment and respect for the environment.


    In addition to the components of the boxes and containers that we offer in our company, we also use other utensils and tools designed for this purpose.

    For example, the ink that we use to apply to the surface of our containers is vegetable, the most sustainable alternative to conventional printing products that have traditionally been used in the sector and that were harmful to the natural environment.

    Another of the products that we use to improve our products are the specific glues to join the flaps of the ecological cardboard boxes; We use natural or biodegradable adhesives that have similar properties to other glues on the market and do their bit to improve environmental resources. Ecological packaging goes beyond cardboard boxes and the necessary accessories to improve the experience of using them; Paper is another of the fundamental components of the sector that can serve the most to care for the planet.

    If you think that these processes are the most appropriate with your responsible attitude towards the environment, do not hesitate to resort to personalized recycled paper bags that we offer in our service.

    Packaging made with ecological materials is here to stay.


    Recycled packaging is a firm commitment by all members of the production chain of our company specialized in packaging.

    The sale of ecological boxes is also a way to continue with the product recycling chain that allows a useful life of your material beyond its first use.

    The boxes of recycled material, therefore, represent one of the fundamental axes of our work. Therefore, if you want to buy ecological gift boxes, do not hesitate to contact us to get the highest quality reusable items.

    Recycled paper bags have come to stay and are one of the most important trends in this field. The ecological paper bags come from sustainable forests and proof of this are the environmental management seals that certify this origin where the essential premises of a totally sustainable activity are respected.


    If you need the service of an ecological packaging company, specialized in ecological cardboard boxes, do not hesitate to resort to the services of LFG Cartonaje, which performs its work in this sector in an excellent way based on the extensive experience and qualification of our dedicated team. to the tasks that are entrusted to him every day.

    We have ecological boxes and other packaging products that meet the needs of our customers in relation to this topic.

    We offer you a personalized service to provide you with the products that best suit what you really need: cardboard boxes, paper bags, cases, displays, exhibitors, packaging and containers of all kinds are just some of the possibilities that we offer in our catalog and that has led us to achieve great recognition in this sector.