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The appearance of a product is very important. Large companies have taken care of maintaining control over the box, bag or delivery material of the product to the customer. Since digital marketing arose the idea in the business environment that packaging can be great protagonists as corporate communication tools and brand image.

The highest level packaging seeks to reach the largest number of people possible effectively. Laminated cardboard boxes and laminated paper are part of the resources used by advertising and marketing companies.



    Cardboard boxes have various designs and uses in companies. They are recyclable and very useful at home. Some models are:

    Las cajas de cartón ondulado plastificado. They are made of corrugated kraft cardboard and laminated with a PET layer on one or both sides. They resist humidity and fats. They are boxes for packaging products that are going to be frozen, in humid environments or outdoors. Made with recycled cardboard, when laminated they resist the weight of the product more.

    Plasticized cardboard box with lid. It is a compound of corrugated cardboard with a polyester film. It is economical, laminated and very resistant.

    Round cardboard box. Elaborada en cartón rígido forrado a mano con papel plastificado y herraje de piel. Ideal, for example, for storing hats.

    Plasticized cardboard box for laboratories. Resistant to cold, it has a lid and an internal grid to protect the tubes and other utensils used in laboratories.

    Square cardboard boxes made from one piece of laminated cardboard. Made in a piece of cardboard, it is laminated and very resistant.

    Cardboard box covered with a layer of hermetic plastic. They are used for freezing and have compartments mounted inside the box.

    Corrugated carton box. Made to measure, personalized and laminated. They are printed with the brand, images and designs. They are useful for storing any product.

    Plasticized and disposable cardboard box. They are mainly used to serve food in shopping malls. Images of the product and the brand are printed on it.

    Boxes with sliding opening. They are used to carry small valuables. They are printed in bright colors and with the brand logo.

    Multipurpose cardboard box with window. Made in kraft cardboard. It is a self-assembling box and is recommended for all types of food. The plasticized interior allows food to be contained, without fear of liquids or fat transferring to the outside, dirtying its appearance.

    Cardboard lunch box. It is a box with a handle to carry or send food at home. It has a highly resistant plastic bottom.

    Personalized cardboard lunch box. Box with handle to carry food. They usually have a digitized print with the logo and data of the restaurant or event. It is laminated both on the outside and on the bottom, so they are highly resistant.

    Square box with window. It is a cardboard box with a laminated interior. It has a transparent acetate window that allows you to see inside. It is used for desserts.

    Large cardboard gift box. Large laminated cardboard box with exclusive designs and 100% recyclable. Made with a lid to seal the gift.

    Plasticized cardboard box and customized plasticized cardboard box. personalized. Designed with 4 types of closure: heart, square, circular and oval. Recommended for chocolates.


    Lamination of cardboard boxes It is made by laminating the paper with a PET layer that extends the useful life of the box. For his part, the laminated on paper It is a printing finish that is obtained by applying a thin layer of a transparent material to the surface of the box or packaging that protects them from scratches or small bumps.

    Today offset printing is one of the most successful due to its production capacity and high quality.


    The truth is that we can consider offset printing as the evolution of lithography. Its operation is quite similar: the plate is dipped in a substance that repels the ink in areas where there is no image and thus the images or motifs to be printed are created.

    The big difference from one system to another is that the offset method transfers the image by surface through a cylinder covered with a flexible material. For its part, traditional lithography does so directly. Depending on one product or another, lithography or offset printing will be more convenient.


    At LFG Cartonaje we take care of customizing your laminated cardboard. This allows the brand to be seen for longer and in different places.
    If you want to increase the visibility of your brand among your target audience, display your logo and contact details while your customers live their day-to-day activities or carry out their daily work.


    At LFG Cartonaje we are specialists in laminated cardboard. Therefore, we can print attractive designs with striking colors. In addition, the laminate extends the life of the box and makes it more elegant.

    All our models can be customized and we manufacture them according to the needs of our clients. Our customization options include the possibility of accompanying the boxes with a foam bed, compact cardboard or cardboard to fix the product to the box.


    The price of laminated cardboard is very economical for packaging projects. Thanks to our experience, we can offer you the best value for money on the market.

    At LFG Cartonaje we can advise you, create your designs and laminate your cardboard boxes to pack. We can design your laminated paper to spread your brand according to your budget.