Self-assembling boxes

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Self-assembling boxes are a truly established option in the packaging sector due to characteristics of resistance, versatility and agility that make it increasingly more demanded every day to contain and move objects around the world.



    As its name suggests, self-assembling cardboard boxes are products that can be assembled independently, so delivery is much faster and more compact so that those interested in getting them do not have to take up too much space in their facilities. , since the boxes are delivered disassembled, completely flat and die-cut.

    It is a model that, little by little, has been making an important niche in the sector thanks to the multiple advantages it offers to all those who make use of them. We are one of the companies where you can buy self-assembling cardboard boxes of high quality and at the best price.

    Do it to your liking


    One of the main assets of the personalized self-assembling boxes of our service is that they can be designed with the motifs and details requested by the person who buys them, so that it is another marketing weapon when it comes to giving visibility to the brand image.

    The logo and/or slogan of the firm that emits the object it contains are just some of the most common possibilities that are usually requested for the design of self-assembling boxes for companies, as well as other details of congratulations) such as, for example, ties and ribbons) when it comes to a special occasion.


    It's very common. As we have mentioned, self-assembling gift boxes are used thanks to the advantages of resorting to this packaging model.

    Times have changed and the conventional methods of presenting a gift have been optimized at really dizzying rates in recent times and, as a result, different highly sophisticated solutions have been consolidated to win over the recipient of the packaging even before knowing its content.


    One of the reasons for the success of demountable boxes is undoubtedly the numerous advantages associated with their use. Some of them are the following:

    • Easy assembly: one of the keys to understanding the heyday of demountable boxes is how easy it is to place them in the arrangement they must have to fulfill their purpose. Whatever the format, in a matter of seconds you can have the box ready to give it the desired use.

    • Little space: its flat shape when delivered means that when storing these items, they take up very little space. For this reason, businesses and stores advocate this type of packaging so that the available space in their warehouses is not limited.

    • One piece: as they consist of a single body, they can be assembled without the need for any external accessories, such as glue, adhesive tape or glue.

    • Several closure models: the possibilities in terms of self-assembling boxes are very wide, so we can find boxes with closing tabs or, if you prefer, with an independent closure that fits with the base.

    • Price: the ease of its design and manufacture results in really low costs, so the price to get self-assembling boxes is usually very affordable.

    • Sustainable materials: another of the benefits of betting on this variety of packaging is that they are made with environmentally friendly components, so they will contribute to the ecological commitment.

    • Rigidity: the components and the completely sophisticated manufacturing technique that is used translates into great robustness and resistance of these products, so they can withstand the weight and protect any merchandise in all phases of its transfer.

    • Customization capacity: any motif, logo, text, image or color can be added to its surface, as long as the person concerned considers it so.


    Taking into account the above aspects, mountable boxes can be used for any product that you want to contain and transport, since they offer great benefits in terms of safety and rigidity, one of the most important criteria in the field of packaging.

    LFG Cartonaje is one of the most important services in this sector, in part, thanks to the quality of our products and a totally personalized attention to suggest to our clients the best options to guarantee their maximum satisfaction.