UV printing

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At LFG Cartonaje we offer UVI printing, a printing system developed to print photographic details, effects, textures and relief finishes on any type of surface with high quality. It is a perfect technique for printing signs and displays, designing packaging, products, interiors and customizing accessories, both in small and large formats.



    UVI printing is based on the same system as offset printing, but it differs in the type of inks used and in the drying time and process. In addition, it also allows printing with white ink. This is not something that can be achieved with digital printing in a reprography or with a printer at home since, in these cases, the whites are achieved thanks to the absence of color or ink.

    The printing process through this technique is based on the fact that due to the chemical transformation, the ink solidifies while it adheres to the surface without being absorbed by the material. Thanks to the ultraviolet light from the heads of the printing machines, the ink jet dries while it is printed.

    In addition, it allows you to include a final varnish to achieve high quality printing as well as vividness in the images in a way that is impossible to achieve through other printing methods.

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    UVI printing offers great versatility since it can be used with different surfaces, whether they are rigid, flexible, transparent, opaque, translucent or porous. It also allows you to print on all kinds of materials such as plastic, leather, pvc, vinyl, wood, metal and polypropylene, among other materials.

    Other types of printing require drying time. In this case, UVI printing has a very fast drying speed, which allows reducing production time by going directly to cutting or binding machines.


    One of the main advantages of UVI printing is that the composition of UVI inks are ecological since they do not contain mercury or lead, two of the most common compounds in printing inks and the most polluting.

    This type of ink does not emit volatile chemicals either, since it does not contain carbon, nor does it evaporate solvents that are harmful to the environment. They also do not generate harmful gases or volatile organic compounds or harmful gases for the atmosphere such as ozone. For this reason, it is important to properly recycle print products. In the case of UVI inks, its components are not harmful to the environment.

    In addition, printing with this technique is much more resistant to bumps and scratches. The colors are also more durable as they more easily resist changes in temperature, exposure to the sun and water. This is due to the speed of drying that allows the luminosity of colors and glossy finishes to be preserved.


    UVI printing can be done on small and large format materials. This technique offers the possibility of printing with high quality on small products such as promotional packaging, paper bags, displays and exhibitors, packaging material or all kinds of boxes in different finishes, sizes and shapes.

    In large format it is possible to print with great quality and vivid colors on dibond, foam, forex, methacrylate or cardboard. Printing on this type of rigid materials is especially recommended for exhibition both indoors and outdoors, thanks to the great resistance of the materials used. These impressions are usually in large sizes, generating a greater impact capacity.

    You can create corporate products such as business cards, triptychs or diptychs, among other products. With our UVI printing method you will have a very accessible cost, especially if you require large quantities of products.

    At LFG Cartonaje you will find a great team of graphic designers who will be in charge of advising you on the design and the UVI printing service.

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    If you are interested in this printing technique for your advertising products, at LFG Cartonaje we can help you to get to know all its characteristics and show you the different models and printing materials available. Our commitment is to make quality printing available to all brands and individuals at the best price, offering vibrant and lively finishes.

    If you usually design printed products, you should know this printing finish and discover all the advantages it offers, since they are very broad. Remember that UVI printing can be used on all kinds of products where you want to highlight one element of your design above the rest.