Packaging for e-commerce

E-commerces incorporate digital channels to sell their items, the process ends with the shipment of the purchase, in this case the product is sent to the consumer protected with a cardboard box.

Most companies have personalized cardboard boxes for e-commerce, in which they include visual signs of the brand itself such as the name, logo, slogan, etc. At LFG Cartonaje we are specialists in the design and manufacture of boxes for e-commerce, we have an extensive catalogue, with which you can choose the packaging for e-commerce that your business needs.


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    A shipment from an e-commerce needs a suitable packaging, which not only allows to protect its content, but also to be light and environmentally friendly. E-commerce boxes must also meet other conditions, for example, it is important that they do not take up space during storage, and they must also be economical, so that their use does not affect the final price of the product.

    Cardboard boxes for e-commerce meet all the above conditions, they are a light and economical material, environmentally friendly and can also be stored in flat sheets that require very small storage spaces.

    Boxes for e-commerce shipments must also adapt to the size of different products. The possibility of designing boxes of different sizes is another of the advantages of cardboard as a material for this type of packaging.

    En LFG Cartonaje, tu fábrica de packaging, te ofrecemos un servicio de marcaje personalizado, con el que podrás disponer de cajas hechas a medida, impresas con los diseños que identifican a tu marca.

    Cardboard boxes for e-commerce, the most environmentally friendly option

    One of the main reasons why most online retailers opt for cardboard boxes is because of the environmentally friendly nature of this material. Cardboard can not only be obtained from previously used material, but can also be deposited in recycling containers for reuse.

    For many companies it is important to use ecological resources, both for social responsibility and to demonstrate to their consumers that they are collaborating with the environment.
    Cardboard packaging is the best way to ship products purchased online, and the printing can also incorporate a warning reminding the consumer to deposit the box in a recycling container for later use.

    Do it to your liking


    We take care of the printing work, therefore, we assure you the best quality and security of your design.

    Customization of cardboard boxes can be done by printing, or by generating a particular design, adapted to the shape of its contents.
    At LFG Cartonaje we have our own printing service for cardboard boxes, so we always guarantee the best results. We can incorporate your company name, logo or any other graphic element you wish to add to your e-commerce shipping boxes. Marked mailings act as an advertising medium that allows you to differentiate yourself from your competition, and these types of inks do not prevent the cardboard from being reusable.
    Regarding the customization process, at LFG Cartonaje we have a wide variety of rectangular and cubic boxes, but we can also manufacture cardboard boxes with special shapes for e-commerce shipments. Our factory adapts to any type of design you wish to carry out, so that you will always have a suitable box based on the size and shape of your products.


    Do it to your liking


    The shipping costs of an e-commerce should be as low as possible, both for the company and for the end consumer, cardboard boxes are an excellent option to reduce the costs of a digital commerce, due to its price.

    At LFG Cartonaje we guarantee the best price on cardboard boxes for e-commerce, whether you need wholesale boxes or a reduced number of cardboard boxes. Our cheap cardboard boxes for e-commerce are strong enough to protect all kinds of items, even if they are fragile and need special packaging. Our cheap cardboard boxes are the best option for online stores, not only because of their characteristics, but also because they have the best price, so you can order the number of boxes you need, without having to make a high investment.

    Another advantage of this type of boxes is that their assembly is very simple and they can be purchased in flat sheets, taking up very little space. When we need an assembled box, we can easily join the sides, to have a suitable packaging for all types of bottles.


    With LFG Cartonaje you can place your orders online, you just have to choose the right boxes for your products and send us the design you need for your external marking, we take care of carrying out the printing with the best techniques of marking on cardboard, we also guarantee an immediate shipment, whenever you need it.

    Contact LFG Cartonaje to have the customized cardboard boxes you need for your online store shipments. If you are looking for a customized design, at LFG Cartonaje we guarantee a customized manufacturing process for your cardboard boxes.