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Stamping covers a set of methods by which a certain design is transferred to an object, in this case the most demanded packaging containers on the market. In our leading company in the packaging market, as a box factory, we have the best equipment for the most precise and efficient stamping tasks possible.



    The stamping generates a certain design in the boxes and in other containers that the sector uses for the transport of products. Among the types of stamping, the one that facilitates the creation of a container whose message or brand image can be appreciated by sight and touch stands out especially: in this sense, the relief applied in the stamping achieves elegant, exclusive results. and that gives it some recognition compared to the same articles of the competition.

    When we talk about packaging for companies, the most common is that this design is the logo, the name of the company and/or its slogan, which is why it serves to spread the brand image, which is why it is part of the most important weapons. of corporate marketing.

    Companies have one of their most important marketing strategies in packaging, since it achieves an effect of attention from people who can appreciate that design and, therefore, the number of company customers can be increased. Packaging advertising, therefore, is one of the great advantages of printing on surfaces of all kinds, among which cardboard, the star of the sector, stands out.


    The conventional stamping system, whatever its type, is a simple process, through which the most precise results are obtained. One of the keys to understanding the stamping technique is heat, which encourages the film to adhere to the surface.

    It offers different kinds of printing, including innovative packaging that has relief to give the product more visibility and recognition. Using this technique, it is possible to access high-quality products, with the possibility of creating colors in their matte and glossy versions, metallic or even fluorescent, as well as designs with holographic effects or transparent films.

    The variety known as stamping with structure is very similar to the traditional one, except for the texture that it gives it, which makes it more resistant to rubbing and dirt. On the other hand, there is stamping with height, which can generate products with low relief or high relief. Different heights can even be achieved in this production, through an engraving with several levels.


    At our leading packaging service, we can produce custom stamped boxes with great results, thanks to a team of packaging experts who know how to meet the needs of those interested in these sophisticated solutions.

    We can stamp any design on the cardboard boxes that we manufacture in our facilities, applying our extensive experience in work of this type. We have extensive experience in all types of stamping practices for packaging solutions, putting all our efforts into improving all processes to obtain a quality, safe, resistant and durable product.

    Our professionals understand the needs of each case and adapt their work to achieve the best results for the packaging products that many clients will carry, helping to disseminate and consolidate the printed brand image among the target audience, with total clarity, precision and quality.

    Whatever you want to print, we offer you the best solution so that you get the best result.

    Do it to your liking


    At our company, we are committed to achieving excellence in each of the tasks we perform, investing in top-quality tools, equipment, and materials to improve each of our processes.

    We apply the stamping process on any surface and format, adapting the client’s needs to the box in which you want to implement the message and/or image you need.

    We not only apply stamping techniques on conventional boxes, but there are many other products in the packaging market where this technique can be implemented: paper bags, round boxes, oval boxes, self-assembling boxes, displays, interiors…

    Bags, whether made of paper or another component, are other formats where it is very common to apply stamping methods, with great results that win over those (individuals or companies) who need a product of this type. Therefore, you can check our great ability to adapt to all kinds of products on which you want to print designs of all kinds.

    Whatever it is that you want to stamp on these surfaces, we offer you the best solution so that you obtain the expected result, thanks to a reference packaging service.