Round and oval boxes

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Round boxes are a packaging option that is increasingly in demand by companies of all kinds. At LFG we are specialists in the production of round cardboard boxes. We manufacture them in any diameter and height, offering endless customization possibilities.


    Find the ideal box for your product. Take a look at our selection of cardboard boxes or tell us what you need. We manufacture to measure.

    We currently have the following models of lined cardboard boxes available to our customers, it should be noted that all these models can be made to measure and customized according to the customer's tastes. Contact us for more information.

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    The oval and round boxes are another sample of our personalized cardboard boxes. Solid cardboard round boxes are manufactured in a wide variety of standard diameters so that they have the capacity to contain all types of products. Round cardboard boxes represent a very elegant solution as product packaging, being possible to manufacture them with different types of handles (rope and ribbon handles, the latter also having the possibility of being personalized). Each of the circular cardboard boxes can be personalized with the printing of your choice, as well as the colors and motifs that define your company and form your brand image.

    If you want a first-class packaging, do not hesitate to contact us and together we will find the box model that causes the greatest sensation among your customers.


    When choosing the shape of a box for packaging, you have to think about the product that is going to be stored in the box. Round or oval boxes may be the best option for circular-shaped products, but they are also an option to consider in the case of rectangular products, since partitions or inserts can be installed inside the box to order the content, as well as a cushion. or filled so that the most fragile products are fully protected.

    On other occasions, our clients opt for packaging in round boxes since curved shapes are usually considered more elegant. In addition, betting on circular packaging can be a good way to differentiate yourself from the competition and offer a unique image.

    Packaging is a factor of great importance in the world of marketing. By choosing the right packaging, a company can enhance its brand image, differentiate itself from the competition, and captivate buyers. As packaging specialists with years of experience in the sector, we know the pull that circular boxes have among the general public. In fact, if a potential customer has to choose between a round box and a square or rectangular one (being identical in the rest), many will stay with the round one as they consider it more attractive.

    These circular boxes are used in both the B2B and B2C sectors. Cardboard boxes are resistant and light, which allows the product to be protected during its shipment to the customer. Another of its great advantages is its appearance. Cardboard boxes offer an aesthetic appearance and can be decorated to your liking to fit the brand image.

    Whether for reasons of practicality, branding or design, at LFG Cartonaje we have a wide variety of round cardboard boxes with different diameters, heights and decorations. The circular boxes that we sell are made of compact cardboard with and without a handle. These are some of the advantages that our clients can enjoy:

    - All models can be customized.
    - We manufacture custom products.
    - We have standard diameters. You can choose the height that best suits your needs.
    - We use recycled materials from sustainable forests.

    Do it to your liking


    Among our customization options, we include the possibility of accompanying the boxes with a foam bed (it can also be in compact cardboard, cardboard, etc... depending on the specific needs) in which the material to be contained fits, so that In this way, your product is conveniently fixed to the box. Many other aspects can also be customized such as the color of the box, the finishes or the decorations; so that the design of the box is fully aligned with the image that your brand wants to convey. Round cardboard boxes are in great demand for products of many types, they are very comfortable and easy to transport.

    Round boxes are one of the most demanded, for hats, flowers, or whatever you can think of for your business.


    At LFG we are manufacturers, which means that we offer prices without intermediaries on all our products. Place your order for round cardboard boxes at the best price on the market.

    If you need round cardboard boxes for sale, do not hesitate to ask us any questions, and of course we can make you a budget with the specific characteristics of your box without any commitment; in L.F.G. Cartonage we have all the packaging models you need.