Cases in recycled/ecological materials, etc.

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The packaging products that we make at LFG Cartonaje are of the highest quality, designed for the transport of valuables, since these containers provide a certain exclusivity to the context of the gift.



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    Recycled/Ecological Materials

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    Jewelery boxes are the most frequent since they fit perfectly with the claims of a sector as peculiar as this one. One of the advantages of the LFG Cartonaje gift box service, you can request the amount that best suits your needs.

    Made of folding, cardboard and ecological materials:

    – All models can be customized.
    – We manufacture custom products.
    – Consult standard models.
    – All these models are self-assembling.

    In our leading packaging company, we take care of manufacturing customized cases to meet the needs of all our customers.

    When a gift is given, the outer packaging is the first step to leave the person who receives it open-mouthed; For this reason, we make cases of all kinds of materials, in addition to cardboard, in search of the best possible harmony between packaging and gift. This way of proceeding in our business activity is included in the bases of our corporate social responsibility. Thus, our ecological cardboard boxes are made to measure and self-assembling, so that they can be shaped very easily.

    Our company stands out in the sector, moreover, for making use of sustainable material and totally ecological criteria to respect the natural environment and the resources of our planet as much as possible; in this sense, we resort to recycled raw material.

    Do it to your liking


    In addition to jewelery boxes, they are also very common in the watch box market: this sector requires compartments in which to transport them with all the security guarantees and adapted to the elegance of the product inside.

    Our staff is an expert in all phases of the process that counts from the first contact of the client until its availability to them. The key to understanding the excellence of our work is the extensive experience we have in the sector. We have creative professionals who suggest clients the best ideas so that the result is fully adapted to the needs of those interested.

    Not all cases are created equal - you can go for a number of different models such as lid and base, lab, pouches, envelopes, attached lid. These are just some of the options that we offer you, although you can customize them with the design that best suits your preferences.

    Another element to take into account in our activity of making cardboard boxes is the way of printing to personalize the box in question: for this task, we have the best methods on the market, with offset, digital, stamping and other suitable models. for all types of jewelry packaging or any other product.


    Our factory of cardboard boxes is designed to be the solution to your needs regarding these products.

    One of the keys to our success as a manufacturer of personalized cases is the individualized advice that we provide to all those interested in the items we have.

    In this way, we shape all the ideas you have to carry out the cases you have in mind.

    We have in our wide catalog of wide possibilities to guarantee your satisfaction with the final result, which translates into high levels of loyalty, affection and trust on the part of those who enjoy our packaging reference service.


    LFG Cartonaje is a company dedicated to the production of packaging cases in which the service adapted to the needs of the consumer is completely essential.

    In addition, the quality of the components that we use are first class, so you can access some articles that fit your preferences.

    We are specialists in offering totally personalized cases, printing on its surface the details that you request. For companies that require our services, it is essential to visually conquer their customers with the logo or any other detail that relates the quality of the product to their activity; After all, this is a technique that is part of the merchandising strategies of any firm, which is why gift boxes are vital to seeking the highest long-term profitability for the person responsible for the product inside.

    We will offer you a budget adjusted to your needs and without any kind of commitment.

    Contact us and you will see how methodical our work is, taking care of each one of the stages of the manufacturing process of our products and advising you from the first moment on the best alternatives that we offer you to achieve your goal through our design department, with extensive experience in this market to continue constantly improving our service.