Embossed paper

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Embossed paper is a benchmark for recyclable products. This is because it offers the option of creating very striking and creative works, since it allows you to present very attractive designs to the eye. For this reason, companies often use it for corporate stationery, merchandising, packaging, personalized cards and for invitations to events.



    The embossing process consists of producing a relief on the paper by the effect of pressure. It is exposed to heat and pressure to produce indentations, reliefs, and other textures. Hot metals, specially embossed rollers, or a rigid utensil are used to mark a substrate, be it metal, leather, or paper.

    It is a low-cost technique and original designs, of great prestige for its ecological nature.

    Actually, it is ideal for all those actions in which you want to communicate your brand image and your corporate values, with the aim of improving the relationship with your target audience in a successful way. Do you want to know what embossed paper is? Here we tell you its most important characteristics and the alternatives it offers you as a good communication tool.


    It is a paper that can be cut and shaped in different ways depending on its grammage. The embossing is based on both embossed and hollow dies, worked by traditional methods or built with additive techniques. Its purpose is to build the image with the reliefs produced by the incidence of light.
    There are different types depending on the texture:

    Embossed paper with fabric texture. It is the most popular of the embossed papers, its texture and feel reminiscent of a cloth canvas. This finish gives an elegant and careful feeling.
    Sand textured embossed paper. This texture gives a rough and pleasant appearance to the paper. It has a grainy effect and looks like an old watercolor canvas. It gives personality to the paper.
    Calendered or satin embossed paper. Smoothing it out on a calender produces a brighter surface. The calenders are special machines for satin paper and manage to make it smoother and brighter.
    Stamping or embossing. It is a procedure to increase the surface area and makes the paper durable and robust.
    Embossed paper with vegetal texture. It has a design reminiscent of nature. The spider paper offers a relief that simulates a spider web, it has an elegant effect.


    Embossing is used on cardboard and paper very effectively to give relief.

    • Embossed cardboard is used for packaging different products such as perfumes, collection books, creams and ornamental products.
    • Embossed cardboard is used in cardboard boxes to transport turkeys, chickens, hens, ducks and other birds.
    • The embossing technique is used for toilet paper and kitchen towel paper.
    • Embossed paper is used in the theater as part of the scenery for the creation of lighting effects for lampshades.

    Glassine and opaline cardboard are widely used for embossing due to their resistance and beauty:

    • The embossed glassine allows the function of separating photos, engravings and documents. It is semi-transparent and is sold in neutral, monochromatic or some showy colors.
    • Opaline cardboard is one of the most used papers for embossing because it is more resistant than other papers.

    At LFG Cartonaje we can customize embossed paper and cardboard with specific designs: brand names, personal names, logos and designs required by companies. The embossed base of the paper is very useful in companies because it allows marking in large print runs without the need to use ink. It is a very ecological process.

    At LFG Cartonaje we offer you the best corporate designs on embossed paper. We have the most modern dry marking techniques. We are specialists in designs for companies in cardboard and paper, we work with internal stationery designs for companies and ecological packaging. Our materials are all recyclable.


    Embossing is a technique that can be applied to different supports and one of them is packaging cardboard. No inks are used when applying the embossing, so we are 100% respectful of the environment.

    The ecological packaging of our company is a reference in the sector for our sustainability. We use sustainable material that is respectful of the natural environment, while offering high quality and resistance in our designs and creations.

    In addition to being specialists in embossed cardboard for packaging, we have a specialized layout and design service. In this way, we offer you our creative department to support and promote your project. We know that you want your company to have an original and modern design. Therefore, we put our experience at your disposal so that you can achieve your wishes.

    If you need the work of a company that manufactures embossed paper and cardboard, do not hesitate to resort to the services of LFG Cartonaje. We have a team of specialists willing to assist you in choosing the right material and the designs that identify your brand. We will wait for you!