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Lined boxes

Lined boxes allow you to customize the outside of the container and adapt the inside to the content. At LFG Cartonaje we have a wide variety of materials to customize lined boxes.

Pencil case

The cases are corporate packaging for exclusive products. The main advantage of LFG Cartonage cases is that you have different designs. If you need it, we can create custom cases for your products.

Ecological packaging

Cardboard has an advantage over other containers, it is a recyclable material that avoids the use of other polluting materials. More and more companies are opting for the use of ecological cardboard packaging.

Paper bags

Paper bags are lightweight, can be marked with custom prints, and are also recyclable. At LFG Cartonaje we manufacture different types of paper bags for companies.

Custom packaging

The personalized packaging of LFG Cartonaje allows you to create your own packaging. Our team is in charge of manufacturing the customized packaging you need for your products.

Self-assembling box

Self-assembling box The assembly is immediate and allows wholesale cardboard boxes to be available, without the need to reserve large storage spaces.